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Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital Billboard Advertising, digital billboard
Photo Credit: Randy Lemoine. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital billboard advertising is a cost effective way to attract local customers. Billboard ads are not always expensive to create as they can vary greatly in complexity and therefore the price as well. The simpler ones are usually made with a static image and animated graphics to display the services provided, and the location of the business. I’ve even seen these types of ads being displayed in a local skating rink that was advertising realtors, chiropractors, etc. that were located in the area.

The video below created by “Lamar Advertising Company”, is a great example of the power of digital billboard advertising

Large advertising companies own the advertising rights in these types of locations. They usually handle everything from ad creation to where they are displayed. If you are interested in advertising in places like these, the contact information for the marketing company is usually prominently displayed nearby.

The biggest cost to these types of ads are mostly the fee to have them shown for a particular time period in whichever location available. In some cares, it can be far cheaper and/or effective to have ads created for the internet and to have them targeted to the location around your business or services that you provide.

Advertising on the Internet

Traditional billboard advertising and internet advertising is virtually the same concept. The major difference and significant benefit in internet advertising is the ability to target specific groups of people. Google AdWords allows you to narrow down your target audience to the country, city, and even to how many km’s around a particular location.

AdWords also allows for HTML5 animated image ads which are very easy to create. When creating an ad there, AdWords will walk you through all of the steps. You will have a handful of various simple formats to choose from; the first step is to choose keywords to target. Keywords are words and phrases that identify the product or service you provide, and/or are targeting. Then upload an image, add the appropriate marketing text, and then choose one of the style formats that they offer.

Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services

Video marketing is an important aspect in promoting your business. It is a valuable form of content that adds polish and substance to your social media websites and more importantly your main website. It can be used as a great solution to boil down the complexities of your services or to present the history of your company in a nutshell. Video marketing is also a great opportunity to show your company name and logo in a more dynamic and active format. Today’s world is filled with competition where people have many choices as to who they will give their business to. A simple video may be all it takes to put you a step above your competitors and to increase the awareness of your dedication to provide the best services and products.

If we consider the field of medical professionals, for example, professionals such as, chiropractors, massage therapists, dentists, etc. they have to deal with the fact that people can be nervous about finding the right one that they can trust and feel comfortable with. Just being able to showcase the pleasant and friendly atmosphere of an office can be enough to calm potential clients uncertainty about making an appointment. Without a video the only method for growing clients is to build up years of good reputation, word of mouth, or just having a lack of competition in your region. But circumstances change, and waiting for people to find you is not the best strategy. Do you have impressive qualifications or education? Are you enthusiastic about your profession and helping people? Let people know by showing them!

It’s important to choose a company that will work with you to find the right marketing strategies, provide video production services and editing all at an affordable cost. It’s not enough just to have a website or video. People need to be able to find it. Video marketing is another vital aspect in the marketing of your company that should not be left out and ignored.