Low Cost Video Production

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Low Cost Video Production

These days low cost video production is possible for any company. High quality videos do not always need to be expensive! With the fast progress of technology, software, and lower cost of equipment and innovation, the standards of video have risen incredibly. With the lower cost, more and more small businesses are interested in using video as part of their marketing strategy. Whether it’s local medical professionals, or restaurants everyone can now afford a video.

Video for Small Business

The concept of “you get what you pay for” still applies, but videos don’t have to cost many $1,000’s of dollars anymore. Some videos can mostly be done with simple graphics and effects and still be quite cheap – less than $1,000. An example of a low cost video could be one that simply showcases the location of the business and products or services offered. In these types of videos some simple animated special effects and graphics can be used to help spice it up.

When it comes to staging videos and voice-overs, etc. you would be hard pressed to pay less than a thousand. It really depends on the size of the crew and their over all efficiency. The less you pay for a video the less one should expect in terms of editing, extra features, and overall polish. It could still be a great video for your needs, but a video producer/crew needs to earn a fair wage for the time put into the project.

One form of low cost video production is digital billboard advertising. Check out the link for more information. This form of advertising is suitable for realtors, medical professionals, and local businesses in general.

Video Testimonials

It may seem surprising, but decent quality video testimonials can be as cheap as $5. On some sites such as Fiverr you can literally get a video testimonial for $5. The gigs are usually limited to $5 per 150 words for the video. There are also additional features that can easily push up the price to $20 or more. Paying for extra features is well worth it as it can significantly increase the value of the video. Surprisingly, there are many people on there who are actually quite talented. Sites like Fiverr can in some situations be suitable to reduce the costs of a project.

Video testimonials are usually done by voice-over artists, and can be a cheap way to do a quick company profile for your business. Videos such as this could be placed on less prominent pages, such as an “About” page, or social media sites to give interested viewers an idea about your services or products. In my opinion, when it comes to paid video reviews I would avoid that as it tends to come off exactly as it is – fake.

In conclusion, low cost video production is definitely possible in today’s world, whether it’s video for small business, simple commercials, or even some small corporate video projects.

Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services

Video marketing is an important aspect in promoting your business. It is a valuable form of content that adds polish and substance to your social media websites and more importantly your main website. It can be used as a great solution to boil down the complexities of your services or to present the history of your company in a nutshell. Video marketing is also a great opportunity to show your company name and logo in a more dynamic and active format. Today’s world is filled with competition where people have many choices as to who they will give their business to. A simple video may be all it takes to put you a step above your competitors and to increase the awareness of your dedication to provide the best services and products.

If we consider the field of medical professionals, for example, professionals such as, chiropractors, massage therapists, dentists, etc. they have to deal with the fact that people can be nervous about finding the right one that they can trust and feel comfortable with. Just being able to showcase the pleasant and friendly atmosphere of an office can be enough to calm potential clients uncertainty about making an appointment. Without a video the only method for growing clients is to build up years of good reputation, word of mouth, or just having a lack of competition in your region. But circumstances change, and waiting for people to find you is not the best strategy. Do you have impressive qualifications or education? Are you enthusiastic about your profession and helping people? Let people know by showing them!

It’s important to choose a company that will work with you to find the right marketing strategies, provide video production services and editing all at an affordable cost. It’s not enough just to have a website or video. People need to be able to find it. Video marketing is another vital aspect in the marketing of your company that should not be left out and ignored.